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April 2021

The list below summarizes the updates for April 2021. 

Release Dates

- Apr 7, 2021 is the release of all updates added in this color


  • General bug fixes (Apr 7)
  • General enhancements to code (internal).
  • Minor design changes for better display for various screen sizes.
  • Bug fixes around payments (mostly market/client specific while sending amounts to payment gateways).



  • Techtrav API
    • Bug fixes at time of search when user selects "arrive by" as date as the API doesn't support it. it uses the date/time as departure only.
    • Added length validations for ship/vessel name


  • Virgin Voyages
    • client specific template bug fixes.
    • disable external insurance for Virgin Voyages as user is redirected to Virgin Voyages for payments and we cannot sell external insurance.
  • AmaWaterways
    • Remove "-" from itinerary port name (minor issue)
    • Added support for Amadeus booking channel.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
    • stop calculating GET tax in the GB market (UK).
  • Costa
    • Fix a bug where mobile phone is now mandatory by cruise line at time of payment.



  • Fix a bug where date display was an issue after import.
  • Minor bug fixes around import of rules.

Swift (Cruise Results and Details)

  • Minor design fixes

Payment Gateway

Features listed in this article are across all clients and access may vary by subscription and access may incur a fee. For further details please create a ticket.

Last Updated: Apr 6, 2021

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