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Mar 2021

The list below summarizes the updates for Mar 2021. 

Release Dates

- Mar 2 & 4, 2021 is the release of all updates added in this color
Mar 9, 2021 is the release of all updates added in this color
- Mar 17, 2021 is the release of all updates added in this color
- Mar 29, 2021 is the planned release of all updates added in this color 


  • Critical bug fixes (Mar 2, 4)
  • General bug fixes (Mar 9, 17, 25)
  • General enhancements to code (internal).
  • Remove "PAN Card" number from customer registration page (bug fix) and a few design fixes on this page.
  • offline / manual bookings, if we receive payment that is not sent to supplier, added the existing flag: ConfirmationNeeded on those bookings. Based on client setup, these details may show on confirmation page and/or emails. There is also an indicator for these flags in admin.
  • Minor design changes for better display for various screen sizes.
  • General internal improvements in how we track the BRN (something you will see in address bar in booking flow).


  • Fix a bug when updating changes to NitroAPI that was returning an exception (internal).
  • Added deposit and final due details on the booking display.
  • Edit Rules (under Edit Booking)
    • added option to recalculate all rules or an individual rule
    • dynamically replace promotion amount in the name for display
  • Minor bug fix around MFA/2FA unregister option that was not showing a success message to the user.
  • Dynamic Reports
    • added 2 new fields to help manage these reports better (internal).
    • added option to add a graphical view in future.
  • User export enhancements to include the same user multiple times if part of multiple sites.
  • OfficeID/API Setup: New Page (internal enhancement), several bug fixes and enhancements.


  • TechTrav Air API integration
    • show "include cruise fares"
  • Air Rules, added new support to retrieve rules after PNR is created (support varies by GDS).


  • Lock Cruise Itinerary, new option added so we can override itineraries if the supplier is not responding or taking longer to fix in the feed.
  • OfficeID/Api setup enhancement to support net fare officeID generally for some markets (internal).
  • Fix a bug in price display between category and cabin page when a custom markup is entered. now the markup is accounted for and shown on cabin page as well.
  • Cruise Add-on options Enhancement
    • for some cruise line recently we've added the ability to select add-on options that display auto included add-on options and optional items available to be added to the booking. e.g. Kosher meal for Norwegian or Dining/Drinks package. In some cases they can be upgrades to premium beverage package. 
    • The enhancement done allows Odysseus to hide some items if they don't belong as cruise lines randomly send items there that an agency may not want an agent/customer to see. e.g. Norwegian was sending Net Rate option within there, that should not be visible. There is no easy identifier from cruise line to decide the display and so Odysseus has added some options that would need to be improved as we learn.
  • Norwegian
    • Fix a bug that was causing 2 calls to Cabin UnHold (specific user flow that was triggering this, not always.)
    • Fix an exception that was not handled properly when cruise line did not send the optional upgrades.
    • CAD Cruise tour cache process and minor bug fixes for cruise only.
  • MSC
    • Implementation of child ages in V3 API that was causing an error.
    • Implemented support for USD and IL market.
  • Royal Caribbean
    • Health Attestation changes per supplier requirement. Limited to Odyssey of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas.
    • Improve cache process to start saving gratuities.
    • Removed Health Attestation per request from supplier.
  • Disney Direct Connect (Seaware) Ongoing development the direct connect is expected to go live in Q3 2021 (supplier may change the date).
    • Started sending insurance and dining details in create/modify booking.
    • Started sending guest 1 address in create/modify booking.
    • Send 1st guest address for all guests to avoid multiple household creation in Seaware. This change is for new and old version of Disney API.
  • Virgin Voyages
    • Enable all fare code availability for Virgin Voyages (previously was limited to BestFare) 
    • Added support for Resilient Lady
  • A-Rosa
    • Added "PREMIUM" dynamic rule and option per their request.
  • Tauck
    • Bug fix to get correct arrival port name.
  • Added support for RequestAQuote preference to support b2b/b2c so we can turn if off for agents if needed.
  • Email request page, design implementation. 
  • Princess / Cunard
    • Flat file process improvements due to changes in feed.
  • AmaWaterways
    • Fix a bug where the cruise line is sending comma "," in the prices.
  • Category Page (b2b/admin), in dynamic packaging added flight prices.
  • Hurtigruten
    • Fix email/phone sent to supplier to use the new supplier use info section.


  • improve how content was saved with booking and load on demand from the content database to show the most updated information.
  • Ensure notes/policy/special instruction if available are shown in emails.
  • Improve how rules filters are validated at accommodation/fare level. This should import the fare description filter not working correctly.
  • Hotelbeds
    • remove board name (all inclusive/room only) from category name as we have it separately as well.
    • Added a fix while waiting on Hotelbeds to fix the incorrect cancelation policies they are returning.


  • Fix a bug when image is missing, on it repeating the name 2 times.
  • Agent Commission Rule Type:
    • Added new calculated on options: supplier commission and supplier commission including Yield (markups/discounts).
  • Enhancements to support rules display on checkout / booking confirmation page such that we can choose to show them where rules show and also add them in price summary.

Swift (Cruise Results and Details)

  • Minor design fixes
  • New slimmer view for b2b on swift results page
  • Transition loader CSS improvements
  • Sailing Info (descriptions from cruise lines about the sailing/itinerary if available are now displayed on the results page).
  • Added a new QS parameter for active tab: &activetab=. ( or
  • Added support for river destinations on content pages (it was missing). This is a work in progress. currently support is only added for Destination page. The cruise line/ship pages are still being worked on.

Payment Gateway

  • CreditGuard Payment Gateway added for Israel Market
    • Hosted solution
  • Paypal
    • started implementation, work in progress.


  • New product development, still under development and not ready for rollout but merged to the core base.

Features listed in this article are across all clients and access may vary by subscription and access may incur a fee. For further details please create a ticket.

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2021

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