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Feb 2021

The list below summarizes the updates for Feb 2021. 

Release Dates

- Feb 4, 2021 is the release of all updates added in this color
- Feb 18, 2021 is the release of all updates added in this color
- Feb 22, 2021 is the release of all updates added in this color


  • Minor bug fixes (Feb 4, 22)
  • General enhancements to code (internal).
  • Insurance only payment can be made on a booking, provided we have a partial payment on the booking for a product (cruise). Common scenario is where a user has made a cruise deposit and then adds insurance after the fact and would like to make payment for insurance only and then make the subsequent final payment for cruise at the later date. 
  • Enhanced payment flow to show cruise only and external insurance together in deposit if setup as such per client request (US market).
  • Client specific template fixes (CDOR).
  • Enhancements for internal content management pages.
  • Affiliate Service Fee (new feature that allows an agent to add a service fee that is shown to a user).
    • force the name to "service fee" (dictionary driven)
    • allow clients to enter a custom name (already supported)


  • Supplier Management section design enhancements to easily identify online/active/internal settings on a cruise line.
  • Under manage button for bookings, hide payment details if there is no payment recorded on the booking.
  • Enhanced Affiliate save to now also send an update to SWIFT (cruise results/details page). Earlier there was a 30-40 min cache delay when an update for done, but now it will be faster. This is great for new affiliates created. For existing affiliates, cache is still 4 hours and updates accordingly within the booking flow.
  • Payment Schedule Enhancements (mainly for US market) - controlled rollout and may incur additional costs for implementation/payment gateway support
    • Added support to convert markup to be a non-refundable deposit.
    • Added support to charge markup using merchant API setup for client.
    • Added support to decide if markup should be charged at time of deposit or at time of final.
  • RTL support in cruise search form for advanced search button.


  • Price PNR that has no prices
    • Earlier we added an option to save an air booking without prices or import an air booking without prices and now we have added an option to price PNR once it's saved in our system and it allows the user to then save the prices both in GDS and locally. The GDS read booking must show no price is stored for this to work.
  • Added support for comparing prices at time of cross check with supplier (phased rollout planned)


  • Minor bug fix with population of DOB on checkout page with past pax lookup.
  • Hurtigruten
    • improve read booking process per cruise line requirements to allow booking created outside of Odysseus to be retrieved for cross check/sync.
  • Data cache implementation for Sea Cloud
  • Bug fixed for Oceanwide Itinerary import integration.
  • Price Cancelation
    • continue to add enhancements to store cancel and refund amounts post cancelation. support varies by cruise line and is still a work in progress.
    • continue to add enhancements and support as QA progresses with this task.
  • improved error handling for some new error messages.
  • B2B category/fare code display page, added ability to continue to book including if necessary display a popup warning for confirmation (see below).

  • Norwegian
    • past passenger lookup, made email mandatory per new message and removed DOB as a required field.
  • Tauck Cruise Line direct feed implementation - USD only.
  • Cruise Fast Sell
    • added support for Fare Code features to show fare code button or force fare code button based on client setup.
    • added support for STN Offer ID
  • Added a new option that blocks child booking flow for selective offline cruise line bookings. This is due to the fact that these cruise line don't provide child pricing via the feeds.
    • Atlas Ocean Voyages, Aqua Expeditions, and more...the list is managed by Odysseus and will provide a message in booking flow.
  • Carnival API (Princess/Cunard/Holland American/Seabourn)
    • added support to make published and private fare code availability for the UK market.
  • Royal Caribbean
    • bug fixes where insurance was getting dropped at time of modification (some cases).
    • Improved modify guest name check based on latest updates in retrieve booking.
    • Improved pricing call for existing booking to include guest name (earlier was not needed).
  • Disney Direct Connect
    • minor enhancements to start support different sailing ID's in new system v/s old system. Ongoing development the direct connect is expected to go live in Q3 2021 (supplier may change the date).


  • show searched for hotel with a different border. Added a new CSS for client control: selected-hotel and also move the searched hotel to the top of the results page.
  • Hotel Category page, enhance rules display to properly account for category/fare level filters.
  • Hotel only booking flow, stop showing "add hotel" for another hotel to be booked on checkout page.
  • Bug fixes around how corporate code is sent to Travelport Hotel search.
  • Minor enhancements around static content import for hotels. 

Swift (Cruise Results and Details)

  • Hide ship info tabs if content is not available for those tabs. 
  • Support to disable display of Google tags with a query string parameter: nogtm=true
    • this is needed for clients that add these pages as iFrames and can lead to duplicating the tags.
  • Cruise Content Pages
    • Update documentation to include latest updates for hiding tabs and showing only 1 tab or content from it. Please see the article for details.
    • Added new filters for book online and cruise line search (cruise line page)

  • Added cruise line and ship names in the URL (content pages)

Features listed in this article are across all clients and access may vary by subscription and access may incur a fee. For further details please create a ticket.

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2021

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