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Jan 2021

The list below summarizes the updates for Jan 2021. 

Release Dates

- Jan 7, 2021 is the release of all updates added in this color
- Jan 25, 2021 is the release of all updates added in this color


  • Minor bug fixes (Jan 7, 25)
  • More migration of hard coded text to dictionary driven (ongoing process)
  • Terms and Conditions support on confirmation page.
  • Edit Booking: added edit insurance option
  • Improved Error handling on some internal processes and search forms
  • General enhancements to code (internal).
  • Rules cache improvement (internal processing).
  • Bug fixes to stop loading Google analytics/tag manager in iFrames.


  • minor design edits on dashboard navigation
  • New officeID/API management screen (internal)
  • Fare Code beta management, changed layout and moved agency description field to the bottom and made it a textarea box.


  • improved checks for length of first name based on cruise line support and validations are added in the booking flow to allow the input of first name per that.
  • Dynamic Rules enhancements to support additional filters (internal enhancement).
  • Disney direct API (Seaware) implementation (ongoing) 
  • Improved error handling so we don't create "Failed" bookings for errors like "past passenger number not found". Also added mapping to convert cruise line cryptic messages to user friendly messages.
  • Norwegian for UK market requires an email or phone or address, added validation for this in UI and also they require this for each guest and we use guest 1 data and send it for other guests if not available.
  • Share link added to fare code page (it was missing).


  • improved error handling.
  • show searched for hotel with a different border.
  • enhance search logs to track additional details

Features listed in this article are across all clients and access may vary by subscription and access may incur a fee. For further details please create a ticket.

Last Updated: Feb 3, 2021

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