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How to Sell or Restrict CA and US via OfficeID/ API setup?

[Note: Feature support varies by client template and may not be available.]

In order to limit the departures countries to US and CA for Air bookings as well as limit the billing address to US and CA for Air and Cruise bookings.

Set the value of the following site preference to True.


By default, the value of above site preference is set to False.

Scenario 1: If you want to open billing address for Cruises to outside US and CA but keep Air departures from US and CA.

This can be managed by setting “From/To Country” filters inside Office ID/ API Setup.

Go to Products menu and click on “Office ID/ API Setup” submenu. You can edit or add new Office ID/ API.

In this section, we configure Product API Id for each office id configured Site Offices. Here, we provide user an ability to enable & disable the office configured in Site Offices section to be used for this site. Also, user is provided with an ability to define filters based on different criteria for each office id.

  • From/To Country: This filter allows the user to define a country or set of countries which should be included/excluded for a flight booking while using that particular Office ID.

[Note: You must use country codes while defining the above filter so please use the “Look Up” option provided to search for relevant country code.]

For more detail on API/Office ID setup, please refer the article for Office ID/API Setup in knowledgebase.

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